Australia B2C E-commerce Report 2016

03 augusti, 2016

Operahuset i Sydney

Have you ever considered Australia as a potential market for your e-commerce business? E-commerce Europe’s new report reveals everything you need to know about this highly unique country in the Asia-Pacific region, including the latest retail facts and figures.

Australia is a truly interesting e-commerce market: Internet penetration is excellent (at 85%) and the country ranks notably well on the E-government Index (2nd), while 65% of adults shop online. However, 93% of sales still take place in bricks-and-mortar shops, with online penetration for large Australian retailers standing at just 5%.

This unique situation suggests plenty of potential for cross-border retailers, especially as B2C e-commerce in Australia grew by nearly 16% in 2015.

So what facts and tips do you need to know before expanding your e-commerce business into Australia? The report offers a variety of handy insights, including expert opinion from Gary Shunk, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Asendia USA.

  • Only 13% of smartphone users have made a purchase via their device, while 15% of tablet users have done so ‒ ensuring your webshop is optimised for these devices will help you stand out from the crowd as m-commerce grows
  • Australian consumers have relatively high disposable incomes ‒ this, combined with a narrow product range locally, makes them enthusiastic cross-border shoppers
  • Carefully consider your supply chain ‒ as e-commerce rapidly grows in Australia, the logistics industry (ranked 16th in the world) is coming under strain
  • Building brand recognition is key ‒ as is creating an exceptional customer experience

These are just a few insights into a very promising e-commerce market; download the full Australia B2C E-commerce Report 2016 here.