Swiss B2C e-commerce Report 2017

21 februari, 2018

Despite the amount of internet users shopping online in Switzerland remaining steady at around 74% for several years, Swiss B2C e-commerce turnover is growing year to year, having increased 1.7% in 2016. Across the same year, the consumer confidence index rose from 99.3 to 100.1.

While clothes and fashion are the most popular product categories in Switzerland in 2016, CDs and DVDs are the lowest.

45% of consumers prefer to purchase books, music, movies and video online as opposed to 35% who prefer purchasing them in-store, making them the only product types weighted in favour of online purchasing.

Consumers occasionally shop cross-border, the majority doing so because of better prices

The most popular product category for shopping abroad is clothing and footwear, purchased by 55% of online shoppers. The 2nd and 3rd most popular categories were indoor pursuits and consumer electrics, respectively.

WhatsApp is Switzerland’s most popular social app, downloaded three times as often as the second most popular app, Snapchat. Given WhatsApp’s advertising limitations, it’s not surprising then that 32% of online consumers suggest that social media has little influence on their online shopping behaviour. The most significant social media influence on online shopping behaviour is receiving promotional offerings.

Online shoppers’ most important webshop criteria is payment method

85% of customers cite the freedom to shop online anytime as their main reason for purchasing online, followed closely by 82% enjoying the ease of finding and comparing offers and 81% preferring to have items delivered to their door.

“The challenge is now for retailers to bring together technology, process and people to meet consumers’ shopping expectations, today and tomorrow,” said Pieter Van Den Broecke, Managing Director of Manhattan Associates. The fact that consumers prefer to research purchases in-store, combined with the relatively weak influence of social media on online shopping behaviour, emphasises the importance of enterprises re-evaluating how they make product information available online.

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