United Kingdom B2C E-commerce Report 2016

22 april, 2016

Big Ben i London

E-commerce Europe’s latest report, sponsored by Asendia, sheds light on the state of the United Kingdom’s e-commerce market, revealing an economy thriving on online retail and shoppers that are early adopters of technology.

The United Kingdom is one of the most established e-commerce markets in the world, and it’s easy to see why: the country ranks fourth on the Logistics Performance Index and sixth for Ease of Doing Business. With e-commerce now making up 6.12% of GDP (which in total amounts to an impressive €2,568.1bn), the UK is more than comfortable with going digital-first. 81% of British adults shop online and average annual spend per e-shopper is a remarkable €3,625.

Moreover, 71% of the population own a smartphone and this is reflected in the country’s enthusiasm for m-commerce: mobile sales now count for €31.1bn, or 20% of total online sales. 65% of British adults own both a tablet and a smartphone, which is why it’s important to consider your mobile offering if you’re expanding your business into the UK. It could also be worth bearing in mind that iOS is by far the most popular operation system on mobile (55.9% of devices).

Social media is another big driver for online activity ‒ nearly half of the British population use Facebook, with 60% of these Facebook users aged under 40.

The report, sponsored by Asendia, also offers tips and tricks for online retailers looking to enter this unique market, including:

  • Ensure you offer credit and debit card as payment options
  • Click and collect is massively growing in popularity, thanks to its convenience
  • Many British consumers value free delivery over fast delivery

Frederic Petton, CEO Asendia UK, gives his own advice on the UK market: “The main point to remember about the UK is this: it is the biggest e-commerce market in Europe ‒ and it is still growing. It is more mature than the rest of the continent. Little by little, the rest of Europe is catching up, but it is a slow process.”

The United Kingdom B2C E-commerce Report is an ideal starting point to getting to know this market; download the free light report here.