Returer Insights
15 april, 2021
Hur mycket kostar returer för e-handlare inom mode, hälsa och skönhet?

Den snabba och kontinuerliga tillväxten inom e-handel för mode och skönhet har resulterat i en snabb och spännande marknad som erbjuder…

21 maj, 2020
How to Minimise E-commerce Returns – 5 Key Questions

What is the true rate of online returns around the world? It’s impossible to say, withone sourceclaiming it can be up to 40%, while

5 maj, 2020
Essential processes to put in place to reduce e-commerce returns

Returns can be the surprise drain on resources that many e-commerce businesses simply don’t see coming. According to Invesp, around30%of…

13 november, 2019
How to handle post-holiday returns

The holiday season is fast approaching and e-tailers around the world are getting ready with festive promotions, targeted messaging, and…