Indigo Press

A well-established print company, Indigo Press, approached Asendia looking for an end-to-end solution. Asendia now distribute an average of 25 mailings a month for Indigo Press.

About Indigo Press

Indigo Press is a print company established over 25 years ago. They offer their services to companies wanting promotional material, newsletters and membership material. In 2004 a management buyout took place and since then they have invested and continue to invest in new machinery to ensure that the company is able to produce the highest quality work to maximum efficiency. They are in the process of installing a new press and are planning to enter the digital market in 2016 Q1.

Indigo Press Case Study



The Challenge

Indigo Press came to Asendia in 1998 for a complete end-to-end solution from printing material to distribution of material to customers and end users.


The Solution

With over 25 mailings a month on average and more in the pipeline, we provide Indigo with the mailing expertise that they require in order that they can offer their clients the single point solution for their print and distribution needs. Whether it be simple inkjet personalisation of a postcard, poly-wrapping a periodical membership magazine or carefully packing promotional materials and art prints into protective wraps, Asendia are there to help them find the solution.

Asendia have built a strong working relationship with Indigo Press over the years and they know they can come to us with queries and we will always do our best to find a solution that fits. Indigo Press benefits from Asendia’s services as we offer a single point solution which helps them with shorter lead times keeping their customers satisfied. We have a good understanding of their work profile and have built a high level of trust through continued good service. We also benefit from their print services in partnership with us, so we can be more competitive when quoting for outsourced print work.

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Our requirements for fulfilment and mailing have grown considerably over the years and this has been largely down to the great partnership we have with Asendia which allows us to combine their services with ours knowing we have the great support, backup and expertise to which we, and therefore our customers, have become accustomed.

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